.                                          PRICE GUIDE

(Please note this is a work in progress while I add codes to images). 


The following is intended as a general guide to sizes and prices. If you would like more information please get in touch via the contacts page quoting the category and image code,  (which is revealed when you click on an image and hover cursor over it., for example 'shelf figure sf3'.

If you are interested in a piece that is no longer available I would be happy to make something similar where possible.



Small – 12 to 15cm h x 17 cm d (leg length) x 7cm w - £95 - £125

Large – 18cm h x 28d x 9w - £160-£180

Small Things and Pullalongs

Little Creatures - 14cm h x 5cm w x 5cm d - £40

Tall Mice – 20cm x 6cm w x 6cm d - £40

Clockwork mice – 5cm h x 16cm l x 7cm w - £45

Pullalongs - 14h x 16 l x 9 w   £48 - £75

Shelf figures

Various sizes ranging from 20cm to 29cm top to toe x 7 to 10cm  w 

x 10cm  d  - from £125 to £180

Dummy Style

Small  13-15cm h x 8cm w x 4 cm d - £45

Medium (new smile pieces)    18cm h x 11cm w x 7.5cm d   £75 each

A Soldier Came knocking    26cm h x 14w x 8d    £165

Torsos -  26-31cm h x 10cm w x 5cm d - £85


Little sitting hares – 11cm h  x 4cm w x 7 d  - £40-£45

Little standing hares on plinths 25cm h x 4cm w x 4 cm d - £75-£95

Large Hares on plinths 45-50cm h x 14cm w x 16d   -  £195-£235

Hare with bent legs 22cm h  x 6cm d  x 5 cm w -  £95

Hare In boat – 20cm h x 12cm w x 4cm d  - £78-£85

Large Works and Miscellaneous

Small horse and elephants 23cm h x 18cm w x 12cm d  -  £75-£85

Horses/elephants with monkeys/hares  -  from £160 to £350

Other Larger pieces range from £200 to £650

Wall Pieces:

Puppets –

Large ‘smile’ 65cm h x 10cm w x 8cm d  - £150

medium 34cm h x 9 cm w x 6cm d  - £75

Small wall plaques 9cm diameter x 4cm d  - £35 

Puppeteers (standing with dangling puppet) £195

Half puppeteer (sits on shelf with dangling puppet) £135

Clown/puppet shelf figure £135

Clown figure in little cart £75